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Vinyl Information and Color Samples

 We use the highest quality 3M (or Avery, as noted, where 3M is unavailable) vinyl on all stripes, lettering, blackouts, and small decals. We create (from originals only!) and cut all our stripes and decals; we are the manufacturer, not just a vendor of someone else's products. Nearly all of our reflective decals are 680 or 580 engineer grade, the best for color stability, low shrinkage, and prevention of cracking due to the sun or aging. For nonreflective decals, we use 3M Scotchcal 220 series, with correct casting (texture) and thickness (thin, with high adhesion). We NEVER use 3M's thick, bumper-sticker quality line of material! And we don't use inkjet laser printing on plasticized paper, to make outer body decals!
 All decals are cut as you order, so material and cutting is fresh. Allow 3-5 business days to fill your order. Custom cut and custom colors may require a 2-3 week wait.
Click here to read more about automotive vinyl standards and specs.
Click here to learn how to remove old stripes and decals.
 All vinyl can be waxed except "tb" matte satin black (it will stain). However, new products are available that will remove staining. Call Chuck's Classic and Special interest cars, in TN, at 865-458-9066. Cost is $19.95 a bottle.
 All decorative stripes include detailed installation instructions, and most include vehicle location instructions and photos.
 BUBBLES are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY with stripes, blackouts, and lettering, no matter what the reason.
 Partial sets or pieces of any stripe are available.
 Almost any stripe/lettering (but not hood blackouts or printed decals) can be made in almost any colors that were used by Chrysler. Inquire before ordering non-original colors for a stripe, and specify exactly the color desired. Special-order stripes cannot be returned for a refund. Reflective vinyl costs more than nonreflective.
 Large-size reflectives will fade quite rapidly when exposed to continuous hot, bright sunlight. Reflective black stripes on a black car in daylight will have little contrast. Matte black will be subtle, but noticeable contrast in daylight, but will not be seen at all at night. Matte black looks great on any color, especially a gloss black car! (click here)
 Color samples are a close approximation of the actual vinyl...IF your monitor is adjusted correctly! All vinyl is 3M except where noted in parentheses (Avery).
 LG Ledger Green and OG Olive Green, are custom-printed vinyl colors. They are the correct color print on 3M Scotchcal 220 white gloss vinyl. The color will not fade because it sinks into the white, and is not just on top of it. No screen print lines, and no variations in color. Free samples available.
 B5 Blue vinyl is an excellent match to 1968-1970 Chrysler B5 Blue metallic paint. Same cost as any nonreflective vinyl.
 FO Fluorescent Orange and MA Fluorescent Magenta are a brighter neon color than appears in these photos. All of the reflective vinyl colors are much more impressive than they appear here.
 Free color samples are available by USPS mail.
 Click each color name to view the color samples.
B5 Blue Fluorescent Orange FO Purple
Black Carbon Fiber (Avery) Fluorescent Yellow-Green YG Purple Reflective (Avery)
Bright Orange BO Gloss Black GB Reflective Black RB
Bright Yellow BY Gloss White GW Reflective Blue
Brown Reflective (Avery) Indigo Blue Reflective Gold RG
Brown Semigloss BRN Ledger Green LG Reflective Lemon Yellow
Burgundy Reflective (Avery) Light Orange LO Reflective Orange
Burnt Orange BNO Maroon Nonreflective MRN Reflective White RW
Cardinal Red CR Matte Satin Black TB Ruby Red Reflective RR
Deep Red Olive Green OG Satin Gold SG
EW1 White Olympic Blue Reflective (Avery) Satin Silver SS
Flat Black (Avery) Parchment White PW Tomato Red TR
Fluorescent Magenta MA Peacock Blue PB Vivid Blue VB
Bravo Burl (Avery) Dark Walnut Woodgrain