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Doors Plastic Sheet Moisture Barriers
(A-B-E-body hard tops and coupes only; Dodge, Plymouth)

 Door and quarter window interior panels quickly warp, and are destroyed, if the plastic vapor barrier sheet is not first installed. Replace your ripped, rotten sheets with high quality, thick and durable 6 mil sheeting, correctly cut out.
 Each set includes four pieces, for doors and quarter windows. All holes are pre-cut. Black tape at the bottom covers tuck-ins. White putty ribbons with embedded string, like the originals, are included. This is as original for cars from about 1968-and-later. Earlier cars generally had yellow weather strip adhesive.
 Not available for convertibles, 4-door, or any C-body cars at this time (need help finding original moisture barriers for these cars.)
With Putty Ribbons: $59.00 a set
No putty ribbons: $48.00 a set
Doors/Windows Plastic Sheet Moisture Barriers, Mopar, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth